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The Ego gets embarrassed, The Spirit does not.

"What cannot be constrained, labeled or explained cannot be embarrassed."

Your spirit has no labels, no constraints and it's source cannot fully be explained.

This is how vast and amazing your spirit is and it's about time you start embracing that and stop letting rules and social norms run your life.

Have you ever tried to something that you thought was really cool but everyone started laughing because they don't understand?

I am sure you just answered yes or nodded your head because we all have been there. In adolescence years, kids would tease you for eating vegetables.

I heard a story about a kid who was teased for eating asparagus. I am serious. People will laugh at anything, they will ridicule people for doing things that hasn't yet been widely accepted by society.

People will laugh at your authenticity until your authenticity is popular.

You have to be authentic whether it is popular to be you or not. It's not about how popular you are but how true to your spirit you are, how down to earth you are. When we let popularity be the metric of our success, we operate out of vanity metrics.

Live up to the essence of your spirit by becoming a free-spirited person. Do what makes you feel embarrassed because it means that you are freeing your spirit.

What is a free spirited person?

  • A free spirited person does what is natural and doesn’t care what other people think.

  • A free spirited person does not think or act in a inhibited way and do not abide by social rules.

  • A free spirited person does not inflate their ego on the basis of what they have.

  • A free spirited person treasures life because of who they are.

Social rules are keeping your spirit enclosed in a box of rules, regulations and unwritten laws. It's time to step out of line and over the mental constraints hard-wired in your subconscious mind.

To be free spirited is to not live out of ego. To be free spirited is to express your true self . To be free spirited is to be in connection to earth, nature and things around you.

Dance if it’s your will. Scream if it’s your will. Run in the rain if it is your will. Let yourself will be done on earth as it is done heaven.

That is what it mean to be free spirited.

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