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Making the best decision for your health

The perfect decision is normally the decision you think you should make based on what perfection looks like. The best decision is the one you make based on your current level of knowledge and discernment between what serves you and what does not.

The best decision is not Always the perfect decision but it’s much better than an unconscious decision that does not serve you. Normally, we choose what to eat subconsciously and we don’t make the best decision. Our subconscious is normally a tape of the past playing in the present.

When we choose not to consciously decide, we’ve subconsciously decided. No decision is a decision. So the best thing you can do is consciously asses your choices and ask yourself, how will this decision serve me?

When deciding what food to eat, who to give your energy to, what activities to engage in, ask “How will this serve me? Does this align with my ideal and values?” Is this the best option for me based on what I know is right for me?

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