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Get over lethargy this Sunday with this mindset shift

Productivity is not always about acting, it’s also about resting. We “DO” too much and we don’t “BE” enough! That’s why the creator himself picked out the last day to rest because it was understood that rest , reflection and planning is part of manifesting.

Sometimes it is in the silent moment of being restful that we download the ideas that fuel what we do. Reason why a lot of people don’t have clarity is because they don’t take enough time daily to clear their body and minds. They are always active and never resting.

Some people are restless when they have nothing to do because they feel as if they should be doing something. When they’re resting, they think about work. When they’re working, they think about rest. They DO so much thinking that they never take the time to just BE.

I invite you to BE today. Take some time to rest without any external stimuli or distraction like TV or social media. Just you, yourself and nature.

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