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By The Holistic Motivator

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Self-care is listening to yourself first, then taking care of yourself.

“You can’t take care of someone you don’t listen to. Self-care is listening to yourself first, then taking care of yourself.”

Imagine if you were placed in charge of a child and you had to look after them to ensure their well-being. Let’s say the child was in physical danger and screamed out “Help, I am stuck!” Would you completely ignore them or would you try to do something?

If your answer is to ignore them, you shouldn’t be taking care of a child. If your answer is to listen and do something, then, we will say that you are a logical and good human being.

If you can do this for a child, why not do the same thing for yourself?

Self-Talk and Self-Knowledge

Self-Talk is the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently. It serves as a verbal input for programming of the mind which results in life output. Henceforth, what you get out of life is the result of you put into your mind through the senses and your self-talk.

It is often done in a destructive way rather than a positive way. We often say things to ourselves when we serve as a conscientious judge and jury.

How much do you listen to yourself? I’m not asking how much you talk to yourself but how much do you listen?

Listening comes in many forms: listening to your thoughts, listening to your heart, and listening to your gut. Your thoughts reflect your current state of mind, which means undirected thoughts can’t always be trusted.

Listening to Your Thoughts

Thoughts must be intentionally directed or effortlessly suppressed to match your life’s direction or else it’ll lead you based on its own conclusion. So listening to your mind allows hearing the story going on and intervene to change that story to match what you want.

Listening to Your Heart

We listen to our hearts when we make decisions with little facts but a high level of certainty that you made the right choice. Heart decisions are intuitive decisions pumped out by the mystic forces of the universe. We should make the most important life decisions with our heart.

Listening to The Gut

Gut decisions are decisions the mind passes on to the gut for a second layer of approval. The gut acts as the second brain to let you know whether your physiology agrees with the psychology of your decisions. This can come in the form of a knot in your stomach, butterflies in your stomach or just discomfort; this is the body communicating your true emotion through your gut. So you just listen to it and feel what the gut is looking to communicate.

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  • Writer's pictureThe Holistic Motivator

The perfect decision is normally the decision you think you should make based on what perfection looks like. The best decision is the one you make based on your current level of knowledge and discernment between what serves you and what does not.

The best decision is not Always the perfect decision but it’s much better than an unconscious decision that does not serve you. Normally, we choose what to eat subconsciously and we don’t make the best decision. Our subconscious is normally a tape of the past playing in the present.

When we choose not to consciously decide, we’ve subconsciously decided. No decision is a decision. So the best thing you can do is consciously asses your choices and ask yourself, how will this decision serve me?

When deciding what food to eat, who to give your energy to, what activities to engage in, ask “How will this serve me? Does this align with my ideal and values?” Is this the best option for me based on what I know is right for me?

Dive in deeper into this by going to to read more.

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  • Writer's pictureThe Holistic Motivator

Productivity is not always about acting, it’s also about resting. We “DO” too much and we don’t “BE” enough! That’s why the creator himself picked out the last day to rest because it was understood that rest , reflection and planning is part of manifesting.

Sometimes it is in the silent moment of being restful that we download the ideas that fuel what we do. Reason why a lot of people don’t have clarity is because they don’t take enough time daily to clear their body and minds. They are always active and never resting.

Some people are restless when they have nothing to do because they feel as if they should be doing something. When they’re resting, they think about work. When they’re working, they think about rest. They DO so much thinking that they never take the time to just BE.

I invite you to BE today. Take some time to rest without any external stimuli or distraction like TV or social media. Just you, yourself and nature.

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