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Flu-Shield With Elderberry leaves , Catnip (Lang Shat) , Princess Vine (Lyan Mol) , And Lemongrass (Citronel)

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UPC: 2444111840007

Introducing FluShield: Your Natural Immune Defense Against the Flu, a powerful blend of organically grown herbs rooted in the rich traditions of Haitian Medicine. Specially crafted in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, our herbal remedy brings you the best of nature's bounty to fortify your immune system naturally.

Produced with Care: FluShield is crafted with meticulous attention to quality. Our herbs are organically grown in the lush landscapes of Miami, where the tropical climate enhances the potency of each ingredient. From cultivation to packaging, every step is taken with care to ensure the purity and effectiveness of our herbal blend.

Inspired by Haitian Medicine: Rooted in the wisdom of Haitian Medicine, FluShield combines the therapeutic properties of traditional herbs to offer you a holistic approach to flu prevention and relief. Each herb is chosen for its time-honored benefits, drawing from the knowledge passed down through generations.

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