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Corporate Wellness Programs
College Wellness Workshops
Looking to improve the holistic health of members of your college or college organization? Edouard Gilles offers a variety of ways to engage your audience physically, mentally and internally. We can partner up with your school or organization to host an event similar to the following:

Self-Health Seminar
Meditation Instruction
Tai-chi (Qigong) Class
Interactive Fitness Games
Nutrition Workshop
Fitness Motivation
Dancehall workouts
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Holistic Mental Health Fitness
On on One Fitness Coaching
In-Home Fitness Training is a one-on-one 60 minute personal training session that can be take place at home, apartment complex or any place of residence. A well-qualified personal trainer will bring all the motivation and workout equipment needed to get in shape to your home and apartment. Simply create space in your garage, empty room, living room or your backyard for a workout that will shock and surprise you.
Private Group Training
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Panel Discussion Moderator
Paid Promotional Interview
Unlimited Power Interview
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