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Workshop Purpose:

The purpose of this workshop is to provide specific mental and physical exercises that individuals can use to diminish mind overload and have a clear mind. The workshop will be both practical and inspirational in which attendees will be empowered to be conscious of what they are experiencing and get equipped with knowledge on how to improve their experience.


General Overview of Workshop:


  1. Self-Reflection - Attendees will go through a self-reflection exercise to analyze:

    • Moments where they experience the most stress and anxiety Triggers of their stress and anxiety

    • Selected solutions to reduce their stress and anxiety

    • Their self-talk during pressing moments

  2.   Motivation – Attendees will be empowered to do something different or improve upon a current solution with a short motivational segment.

  3. Practice and Learn Qigong – Attendees will learn and perform qigong exercises as the presenter explain the purpose of each exercise.

  4. Self-Talk – Attendees will reflect upon their day-to-day speech to come up with some negative self-talk patterns and will be introduced to new ways to communicate to their selves.

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