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Keynote Key Topics (Leadership, Wellness, Hazing, Etc.): Resiliency, Mindset, Inspiration

Best Audience: At-Risk Students



Have you ever went through a difficult moment in your life? Maybe you lost a job or an apartment, you failed a class or you didn't graduate on time. When we're in a moment, it can seem like the worst possible setback but in reality, it is a setup. What determines what's a setback or set up is your mindset, it's all about how you see the various situations in your life.


What if you can learn how to extract lessons from your pain points? What if there's was a way to look at the bright side of every painful moment in your life? What if you can be persistent through the tough moments in your life regardless of the struggle it comes with? You can. Holistic Health Coach and Personal Development Speaker, Edouard Gilles shares from his personal experiences how you can turn setbacks into setups for your future.


Learning Objectives:


  • The difference between setbacks and setups

  • How to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset

  • The importance of asking for help when you really need it

  • Mind shifts that will help you keep your sanity during tough times

  • How to let go of worry and take action on the things that you need to so.

  • The effects of stress and anxiety on your performance and practical tips to diminish them.

  • Community and school resources that will alleviate your pain during struggles.

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