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There is a common misconception that leadership is about telling others what to do and delegating tasks. However, leadership is an innate personal standard that is broadcasted unto those you which to lead. In order words, leadership starts within and in order to develop the spirit of leadership, you must develop yourself.


Developing yourself requires self-awareness, self-work, and soft skills. We're often given the tools of leadership and forget the spirit that empowers others to join your organization, project or team.


What if you can learn how to be more self-aware through mindfulness, personal development, and improved communication to decrease stress and conflict and increase success? Would that add value to your organization, project or team? Holistic Health Coach and Personal Development Speaker, Edouard Gilles shares how to lead yourself so you can lead others.

Learning Objectives:

→ How to develop the self-image and spirit of a leader (How to see yourself as a leader).

→ Create a personal mission statement for better self-direction. → How to tap into their inner treasure chest of innate talents.

→ Mindfulness and meditation practices for emotional stability for better leadership.

→ Improve your communication skills in order to build bridges and not walls.

→ Obtain tools and ways to develop yourself to become a better leader of your own life.

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