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Mental health fitness coaching is training for the mind, body, and spirit through holistic practices such as Qigong Meditation, Exercise, and Health coaching.


This program will empower you to:


  1. Increase your energy levels and vitality

  2. Gain mental clarity in order to achieve your financial goals

  3. Manage your mind and direct your thoughts

  4. Increase your self-confidence and have a positive self-image

  5. Reduce and anxiety and stress to take control of your life

  6. Learn how to build an internal nutritional guide to make healthy food choices



This program is for those who struggle with:


  1. Anxiety and Depression

  2. Consistency with the standard exercise programs

  3. Weight Gain

  4. Brain fog and lack of energy

  5. Staying consistent and motivated



Guillermo G.

Goals : Change eating habits and get to a healthy weight

Working with Ed was positive. He pushes you to work harder. I would recommend him to anyone that is working on their health journey.

Marcia L.

Goals: Stay Healthy and active, build strenght, lose weight

Fantastic service. Positive vibe /energy On time. Great value Reliable. Hard worker Great experience. I will get results!!! Flexible Great demeanor Very satisfied Thank you

Amish Dave

Goals: Gain Weight, Muscle

Edward does a great work out. I have worked out with him for 5 months now and I can see a real difference in my self. He really does take the gym outdoorsy. Extremely flexible with timings. Always excited for each session with Edward.

Source: Google, Yelp

Shlial O'Neal

Lose Weight, Make a Lifestyle Change

Great personal touch! They listen to your goals, respond fluidly with how your body reacts to the training and keep you motivated throughout your journey. I highly recommend their unique interactive methods.

Source: Facebook